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Case Study: Being an apprentice at Moore


We asked Moore East Midlands apprentice Chloe Hickman how joining an apprenticeship programme shaped her career.

Why did you choose a job over university?
I joined Moore’s Corby office in 2014 as a trainee accountant. I really enjoyed maths at school and wanted a role that involved dealing with numbers.   I had always planned to go to university, but when I heard about the apprenticeship with Moore (then known as Moore Stephens) I thought that might be a good opportunity for me.

What support did you get when you joined Moore?
I was looked after by the accounts and audit team and mentored by two colleagues who had already been through the same programme. They showed me the ropes when I had no previous knowledge or experience. I was sent on courses to help me with my basic accountancy skills as well as enrolling onto an apprenticeship scheme straight away.

How has the qualification impacted your career?
My career would have only just started if it wasn’t for Moore! If I had gone to university, I would only just be finishing my degree now.  Instead, I have more than five years’ work experience, my AAT qualification and I’m only a few exams away from gaining my ACCA qualification and becoming a fully qualified chartered accountant. I have no regrets at all about not going to university.  An apprenticeship in accountancy is hard work and a big commitment, but it’s definitely worth it.

What advice would you give to apprentices?
Take all of the help that you are offered and use it as a tool to build yourself and your career. Don’t shy away from opportunities to learn and grow – If you step out of your comfort zone, you’ll surprise yourself!

Tell us about your role at Moore
My role at Moore is really varied; I do a bit of everything, from accounts preparation and audit jobs to bookkeeping and payroll work as well. There’s definitely no time to get bored, and getting such a wide range of experience is great as it gives me a good grounding in different areas of the business.

Apprentices at Moore are given a lot of responsibility.  When preparing accounts, a client will bring in a set of books and records and I transform them into a set of accounts to be submitted for tax and VAT returns.  When I’m working on an audit, it involves going out to clients’ premises and working closely with them to review their internal processes and check that everything is correct.  I also have to help the payroll department to ensure payrolls are processed correctly as well as helping with admin work, archiving and filing.

It’s great to feel so trusted.  I’m given the freedom to give it a go and if I make a mistake the supervisors and partners let me know what I need to do to improve.  I really enjoy working for Moore – every day is different and there’s never been a day where I’ve thought ‘I don’t want to go to work today!’